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Chengmao Tools Industrial Co., Ltd. is a hand tool manufacturer based in Taiwan. We've been supplying high performance Water Filter to help client to increase their productivity since 1977.

Our wide selection of industrial hand tools include Spring Balancer, Air Nipper, Tool Balancer, Air Terminal Crimper, Hose Balancer, Automatic Screw Feeder, Torque Reaction Arm, Linear Arm, Tool Supporting Arm, Fasten Stroke Cylinder Equipment and Automatic Screw Feeding Machine.

With the advanced technology and 50 years of experience, Chengmao makes sure to meet each customer's needs.

Water Filter

Water Filter for Compressor Air

Water Filter for Compressor Air
Water Filter for Compressor Air

SEALS Water Filter for compressored air CA-W300 could drain 99.9% water in the compressored air. No need to replace the filter consumables, and no refrigerant and power requirements, purely physical structure to complete the water draining operations.

Max Volume: 600 liter/ min
Work Pressure: 1-10 kg / cm2
Pressure Lose:0.05 kg / cm2
Length / Diameter:345/90mm