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Chengmao Introduction

Chengmao Tools Industrial Co., Ltd. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Hand Tools Industry. Chengmao has been offering our customers high quality Spring Balancer, Air Nipper, Tool Balancer, Air Terminal Crimper, Hose Balancer, Automatic Screw Feeder, Torque Reaction Arm, Linear Arm, Tool Supporting Arm, Fasten Stroke Cylinder Equipment and Automatic Screw Feeding Machine since 1977. With both advanced technology and 46 years experience, Chengmao always make sure to meet each customer's demand.



In the past two years, many factories/companies want to follow the footsteps of "Industry 4.0", and hope to design and introduce automation concepts from the beginning of R&D. Therefore, the product line has indirectly started to implement many automated programs. Industry 4.0 is the entire life cycle of products. The management and service is the integration of the whole process from market to R&D and production to sales service! Our company's product range: spring crane, duct crane, pneumatic scissors, pneumatic crimping pliers, pneumatic clamp pliers, refrigerant pipe pneumatic sealing pliers, automatic locking screw machine, bicycle copper handing machine, motorcycle copper The head delivery machine, the torsion arm frame, and the brake aluminum wire end cap are pressed against the blade, which is a great advantage for saving time and effort on the production line!

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  • How to define the torque of the tool

    For automatic screw feeder, Chengmao Tools define the torque by torque tester as the video shows below.If you need to define the torque by Dial Indicating Torque Wrench, please inform us in advance.And, please provide the actual workpiece, screws and relevant material for us to select an appropriate tool specifications.

  • How to choose power cord buckle pliers

    Please provide the size specifications of A and B in the figure below. We will have professional personnel to choose the power cord clamp for your needs.

  • How to maintain automatic screw feeder

    1. The power should be switched off when the machine is not in operation. And, it could avoid the machine in a charged state and prevent the circuit board malfunction.2. Regular cleaning loading hopper and take defective screws out, it could prevents photoelectric switch disturbed and screw jammed.3. Do not put some tools and unrelated products on the machine surface , to prevent the screw machine from jamming when running .4. Machine should be placed in the well-ventilated and relatively dry environments. Humid environment could make some of the metal parts to rust.5. Before use, please check the power voltage is correct or not. And, please check the air pressure is during the required range or not.6. Clean particle in feeding system such as hopper, chute, escapement, etc. by air blow gun and rub by cloth with alcohol every week to ensure smooth operation.7. Clean the case of machine regularly .

  • Advantages of using automatic screw feeder

    Seals–Automatic Screw Feeder is constantly improving, saving costs in terms of manpower, while greatly improving production efficiency and quality.

  • What is the function of Torque Supporting Arm?

    With the Torque Reaction Arm, it can avoid the operator's long-term hand-Automatic Screw Feeder or when encountering a screw with a relatively large locking torque, insufficient hand strength or fatigue, resulting in faulty locking and other situations.

  • What types of Seals automatic screw feeder are there?

    Seals automatic screw feeder is divided into Hand-held, Vibration Bowl, Robot Type, Spindle Type, Index Table, Gantry Type XY Table, VGA, DVI Card, You can refer to the following words and sentences to select the appropriate type of automatic screw feeder.Chengmao is constantly improving technology and developing new products. For more details, please refer to the 「Product Introduction」 column above to see more. You can also fill in the 「Product Inquiry Form」 or welcome to call us. A dedicated person will reply you as soon as You choose the most suitable product.

  • How to place an order?

    Seals automatic screw feeder can call to inform the production line's needs and lock the products. According to the information provided, someone will select the most suitable automatic locking screw machine for you. You can also fill in the product inquiry form online and contact you as soon as possible.In order to ensure that the quotation correctly meets the customer's needs, before providing a formal quotation, we will inquire with the customer to confirm the industry, the main market, the use and business model, etc.

  • Can it be locked in a deep hole?

    Seals automatic screw feeder has a wide range of applications, suitable for any workpiece, and can lock curved surfaces, deep holes, and side tightening products.The picture on the right shows the refrigerator door application. The screws are not obstructed and the alignment is accurate.

  • Which industries are generally used in?

    Any production line that needs to lock screws can use an automatic screw feeder to improve efficiency, save energy, and avoid industrial accidents. Wide range such as: mobile phones, keyboards, computers, automobiles and motorcycles, circuit boards, color LCD screens, speakers, optical lenses, fan motors...etc.You can tell us your needs through the product inquiry form or call. The professional consultant will understand the needs of your production line in detail, the products to be paid, the type of business, the content of the project, and the sales area, and suggest the best solution for you. If you have any questions about related equipment and quotation, please feel free to contact us.

  • What is a robot type?

    Increasing production capacity and equipment automation is the pursuit of today’s production lines.The Robot type automatic screw driving machine is used to replace the traditional manual screw-tightening machine, which greatly reduces the adverse factors caused by human resources and manual misoperation, and the operating efficiency is multiple Is growing.

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