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Precision Assembly Machines and Tools Manufacturer - Chengmao

Chengmao Tools Industrial Co., Ltd., since 1977, is one of the prime assembly machines and tools manufacturers based in Taiwan.

ISO-9001:2015, CE certified, award-winning and patented design assembly machines and tools including automatic screw feeder machines, automatic wheel lacing machines, spring balancers, air hose balancers, air nippers & crimpers, torque reaction arms, etc.

Chengmao has been supplying assembly machines and tools to worldwide customers, both with the advanced technology and 46 years of experience, Chengmao ensures each customer's needs are met.

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  • No. 81, Alley 135, Lane 460, Sec. 1, Sinan Rd., Wurih Dist., Taichung 41464, Taiwan
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Sales Division

Mr. Eric Lin / Sales Manager

  • Tel: +886-4-23352741 ext. 18
  • Mobile: +886-939-974832
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Ms. Amenda Chen / Export Sales

  • Tel: +886-4-23352741 ext. 14
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Ms. Alice Huang / Domestic Sales

  • Tel: +886-4-23352741 ext. 11
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Marketing Division

Ms. Angela Lin

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Technical Services

Mr. Edison Han / Technical Sales Associate

  • Tel: +886-4-23352741 ext. 37
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Mr. Yan Ming / Technical Sales Associate

  • Tel: +886-4-23352741
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Mr. Jim Lee / Technical Sales Associate

  • Tel: +886-4-23352741 ext. 24
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Account Division

Ms. Irene Shih

  • Tel: +886-4-23352741 ext. 17
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