2022 Education and Training Course《Accountability》

2022 Advisor Lectures


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Chengmao 2022 Education and Training Course《Accountability》 Introduction

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2022 Education and Training Course《Accountability》

2022/02/07 Chengmao
2022 Advisor Lectures
2022 Advisor Lectures

2022 Invited Advisor—Teacher Liao Yingjie's speech《Accountability》
Pass the definition of Accountability, Take full responsibility for the "final result", Concentrate on the centripetal force, and increase the enthusiasm of the members of each unit, Strengthen the trust relationship between supervisors and subordinates, Building a Culture of Accountability.

◆Meaning Of Accountability

- Complete Assignments≠Accountability,Should do it right, do it well, complete the task

, Is to Accountability.

Take responsibility for commitments made, do not indulge in "no credit, but also hard work" or put the blame on others, Trust comes from accountability.

- Whenever fall into a victimization complex, They will only blame each other with other members, shirk their responsibilities, and look for a scapegoat.

◆Set a goal

- People with goals, Everything do today is the cornerstone of the future, They see farther.

attitude is height, The moment you decide to say no, You'll think of a thousand reasons to avoid it;The moment you decide to challenge, You will think of a thousand ways to solve it.

The problem isn't the difficulty, it's the attitude

People are usually not very committed to things, just naturally do what they do, It is also because of human nature, we have Accountability.