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Chengmao Tools Industrial Co., Ltd., since 1977, is a Torque Arm supplier based in Taiwan.

ISO-9001:2015, CE certified, award-winning and patented design assembly machines and tools including automatic screw feeder machines, automatic wheel lacing machines, spring balancers, air hose balancers, air nippers & crimpers, torque reaction arms, etc.

Chengmao has been supplying assembly machines and tools to worldwide customers, both with the advanced technology and 46 years of experience, Chengmao ensures each customer's needs are met.

Torque Arm

Ergonomic Torque Absorb Arm / Torque Linear Arm

Torque Arm
Torque Arm

SEALS Torque Reaction Arm designed to avoid for injuries caused by repetitive work and overusing the arm can occur in daily work activities. We provide the opportunity to implement ergonomic improvements to the manufacturing process. This torque reaction arm removes torque twisting and weight loading to create a safe work environment.

With the design of 90 degrees to work-piece, it can avoid the screw slant lock, slipping ... and other malfastening. By the assists of SEALS torque reaction arm, the torque accuracy of the shut-off torque control screwdriver can also be much improved.

SEALS also offers two series of TA linear series and TR swivel series to meet various needs of space limit, operating areas, work habits, etc.

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