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Chengmao Tools Industrial Co., Ltd. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Hand Tools Industry. Chengmao has been offering our customers high quality Spring Balancer, Air Nipper, Tool Balancer, Air Terminal Crimper, Hose Balancer, Automatic Screw Feeder, Torque Reaction Arm, Linear Arm, Tool Supporting Arm, Fasten Stroke Cylinder Equipment and Automatic Screw Feeding Machine since 1977. With both advanced technology and 40 years experience, Chengmao always make sure to meet each customer's demand.


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18Feb 2021
*Postpone* 2021 Taipei Cycle Show

TAIPEI CYCLE to postpone physical show.

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22Jan 2021
2021 Toyo×Education Training

《TOYO provides technical support to Chengmao related personnel》

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28Dec 2020
*Notice* 2021 Taipei Cycle Show

In 2021, Chengmao will continue to innovate and make breakthroughs in the professional field with the efforts of the professional R&D and sales team! In accordance with the design principles of fast, stable and convenient, a tailor-made working environment is created for the production line to ensure smooth and stable operation and greatly improve production efficiency. The following are the products that Chengmao Enterprise will present in this exhibition.

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27Mar 2019
2019 Taipei International Cycle Show

2019 Taipei Cycle Show, Chengmao Tools display production line of small spring balancer with the tools, bicycle wheel lacing machine, automatic screw fastening machine for bike pedal, etc.For the production line, how to place tool to allows field personnel to get the tools readily available. It is also due to the emphasis on efficiency requirements on fast work environment, which is a very important aspect!Chengmao Tools demonstrate SEALS tool balancer which is designed primarily for tool weight reduction for workers and freely accessible without any restrictions or fatigue.When tool balancer is adjusted to the lifting force equivalent to the tool weight, the spring will offset the weight of the tool itself. So that, the tool becomes effortless access, reducing the fatigue of the workers, the labor productivity improved.Another product is automatic wheel lacing machine for bicycle wheel. SEALS CM-A1 save much time without grabbing nipple material by hand and insert it into spoke. SEALS CM-A1 deliver the nipple to the clamp of screwdriver rapidly and steadily by air blow. The operator just push a little and the assembly work easily complete.Or, also with SELAS wheel rim stand, it could adjust shelves to fit different sized of rim. SEALS CM-T2 provide two disks for small and normal rim size for holding the spoke when assembly. Meanwhile, it could adjust arm position for different dimensions of the wheel rim. The stand height can also be adjusted be a perfect ergonomic operation.In the other side, a desk top robot type automatic screw fastening machine for bike pedal was exhibited on the exhibition hall. This is a time-saving and labor-saving automatic machine for fastening pedal pins into pedals. It is designed according to the principle of fast, stable and convenient. In combination with x y table, automatic screw feeder and high-precision torque control electric screwdriver. So, it can change working memory module in one minute through the control panel. SEALS CM-TABLE is suitable for the production of a small amount of diversity to allow customers to achieve smooth stable operation, enhance production efficiency.Provide advanced automatic screw fastening solution for the production line is Chengmao Tools goal.

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09Nov 2018
2018 72nd Industrial Festival and Innovation and R&D Excellent SMEs

On the afternoon of 2018/11/09, the Taichung City Industrial Association celebrated the 72nd Industrial Festival and the Innovation and Research and Development Excellence SMEs Appreciation Conference. Chengmao Tools Industrial Co., Ltd was invited to attend and accept the praise! Due to the 30th anniversary of Chengmao Tools participation, the Taichung City Industry Association stated that Chengmao Tools actively supported the promotion of the conference and contributed excellence. It also contributed to the country's economic prosperity due to the continued growth of our company and other companies. For appreciation of the special fund recognition, Mayor Lin Jia Long were also invited to attend. Mayor Lin said that every progressive city has a perfect urban plan, Taichung City ten metropolitan projects are undergoing a consolidation work, so that the entire urban development can be connected and interacted. For some insufficient public facilities and infrastructures, more complete planning will be done to improve the quality of life of residents, and the development of the city. The recent three years of investment has achieved remarkable results, cumulative investment of more than 900 billion yuan, which is the first ranking in Taiwan. The Taichung government is also actively seeking construction funds from the central government, promote all soft and hard construction, and strive Taichung to become a livable city.

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31Oct 2018
2018 Taipei International Cycle Show

In the 2018 Taipei Bicycle Show, Chengmao exhibited the patented products with the labor-saving tools as the main axis: desktop mechanical automatic locking screw machine, torsion arm frame, copper head handing machine (track type) and other patented products. ! The desktop type robot automatic automatic locking screw machine is based on the set coordinates. The machine automatically completes the product lock payment. According to the fast, stable and convenient design principle, it combines the gas (electric) dynamic screwdriver and the high-tech automatic feeder. High-precision screw clamps to increase screw lock speed and greatly increase production efficiency. Torque Arms are specially developed for operators on the production line to provide easier handling of electric/pneumatic tightening tools. They are used to eliminate the momentary force generated when the electric/pneumatic screwdriver reaches the preset torque to protect the user. The wrists and shoulders increase productivity and product quality. The copper head handing machine can eliminate the trouble of traditionally taking the copper head by hand, quickly and stably send the copper head to the front end of the screwdriver, and adopt advanced foreign intelligent control technology, with automatic counting and automatic measurement control start and stop function, increase Production flexibility and convenience. In addition, Chengmao also exhibited a frame placement frame, which is completely labor-saving and time-saving. With Chengmao's time-saving and labor-saving hand tool patent products, companies will find that the cost has been greatly reduced unconsciously, allowing the company to establish a culture of saving money and improve long-term competitiveness.

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10Apr 2018
2018 Achieves ISO Certification for Quality Management

TAICHUNG, TAIWAN - Chengmao Tools (SEALS brand) , a manufacturer of spring balancer, hose balancer, automatic screw feeder, bicycle wheel lacing machine, air nipper, air terminal crimper, achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification for its quality management systems. This accomplishment demonstrates that the company uses effective quality management practices to enhance customer satisfaction and consistently deliver quality products.Chengmao Tools received certification by documenting its quality objectives, procedures and work processes; ensuring this documented system is consistently implemented; performing regular internal audits; and proactively identifying opportunities for continuous improvement. The company’s certified quality management processes spring balancer, air nipper, automatic screw feeding machine, wheel lacing machine, torque reaction arm and bicycle brake cable cap air plier design, manufacturing, inspections and customer service.

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20Nov 2016
2016 Winning Taichung Golden Hand Award

The 15th Taichung Golden Hand Award For Outstanding SMEs.The 15th Golden Hand Awards Selection Event was jointly organized by the Taichung City Industrial and Commercial Development Investment Strategy Association and the Gold Hand Award Winners Association. The award ceremony was held in Taichung City Manufacturing Administration Building on 2016/11/20. Winners.The award-winning manufacturers were awarded by 20 Taichung City outstanding local small and medium-sized enterprises. The Taichung Mayor Lin Jialong gave a prize to affirm its contribution to the economy of Taichung. The mayor said that Taitai is the most important base for Taiwan's manufacturing industry. The winners are their respective industries. In the competitive index, we look forward to driving other manufacturers in the future and exerting corporate social responsibility to let the world see the excellent quality of Taiwan manufacturing.Mayor Lin said that in Taiwan's promotion of the "5+2" innovation industry, Taichung City has already supported the wisdom of the Executive Yuan's smart machinery industry, and in the future will promote the manufacturing industry to focus on smart manufacturing and promote industrial upgrading; Talent cultivation, land acquisition, exhibition halls, transfer of funds, international cooperation and marketing, etc., Taichung City will play a platform to help overcome, because "manufacturing is Taiwan's treasure!".

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02Mar 2016
2016 Taipei International Cycle Show

In Taipei Cycle Show 2016, Chengmao Tools first exhibit our patent product "Set Screw Automatic Screw Feeder for Bicycle Padels". It also adopts XY Table robot machine so that it could be fully automation in inserting set screw into bicycle padels.

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12Oct 2015
2015 Taiwan Hardware Show

The 2015 Taiwan Hardware Show was once again grandly launched in Taichung. The Chengmao Enterprise continued its last session and once again exhibited an automatic locking screw machine with an electric servo driver, which enabled each lock action to generate numerical reports to assist in problem analysis. Quality control, parameter modification, etc., and can achieve general electric screwdrivers, angle control that cannot be achieved by pneumatic screwdrivers, torque accuracy, reversal angle, combined action, etc. In addition, high-load spring cranes for spot welding guns, large-diameter air duct cranes, and pneumatic clamp clamps for single-ear clamp clamping are also highlights of this exhibition.

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18Mar 2015
2015 Taipei International Cycle Show

At the 2015 Taipei Bike Show, the plum blossom trough, square trough type copper head and copper head handing machine for aluminum heads were exhibited for the first time, and it was suitable for double-layer wheel frames, and the bicycle wheel frame with a double depth of 50 mm was achieved. At the same time, a small spring crane for the brake line aluminum head crimping pneumatic pliers and the bicycle production line suspension tool was also exhibited. At the same time, the company also combines its own assembly tools, measuring tools, hand tools, maintenance tools and fixtures to meet the needs of customers.

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21Oct 2014
2014 Taiwan Hardware Show

At the 2014 Taiwan Hardware Show, Chengmao Enterprise (SEALS Seal) was the first grand exhibitor. This time, the latest product joint type torsion arm frame was exhibited. According to the working range, the working radius of TR-350 is 505MM, and TR-650. The working radius is 750MM, which greatly increases the working area and reduces the installation space.Of course, it still inherits the excellent functions of the original torsion arm frame, such as absorbing the reaction force of the automatic stop type torque electric screwdriver\pneumatic screwdriver, avoiding the injury of the wrist of the person, and achieving more accurate locking and torsion, while ensuring vertical lock payment, not due to personnel. Homework, causing lock pay skew...etc.Outside the torsion arm frame, XY TABLE automatic locking screw machine, vacuum suction automatic locking screw machine, seal brand spring crane, air duct crane, pneumatic scissors, pneumatic crimping pliers, pneumatic clamp pliers, copper tube sealing pliers are also on display. ...etc. related labor-saving and automated tools.

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05Mar 2015
2014 Taipei International Cycle Show

2014 SEALS (Heiling) Chengmao Enterprise and Zhenduo Trade once again participated in the annual Taipei Cycling Event “Taipei International Bicycle Show”. This exhibition is the first to show the copper head handing machine for motorcycle wheel frame, suitable for 8G, 9G, 10G, 11G and other specifications copper head. At the same time, the copper head transfer machine for aluminum heads was also exhibited, and it was suitable for double-layer wheel frames. At the same time, a small spring crane for the brake line aluminum head crimping pneumatic pliers and the bicycle production line suspension tool was also exhibited. At the same time, the company also combines self-assembly tools, measuring tools, hand tools, maintenance tool fixtures, etc. to meet the needs of customers for one-stop shopping.

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21Apr 2013
2013 Auto Shanghai

In Auto Shanghai 2013, Chengmao Tools exhibit our full production line. Including automatic nipple feeder for bicycle industrial, air nipper, air terminal crimper, spring balancer for spot welding gun, tool balancer, hose balancer and automatic screw feeder.

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10Apr 2013
20Mar 2013
11Apr 2012
08Jun 4098
08Jun 4097
09Nov 2011
2011 TPCA Show, Taipei

In Taipei TPCA show 2011, Chengmao Tools exhibit our full production line. Including air nipper, air terminal crimper, spring balancer, tool balancer, hose balancer and automatic screw feeder for mini screw for 1.5mm.

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08Jun 4082
2011 Taichung Industrial Automation Exhibition

In 2011 Taichung Industrial Automation Exhibition , Chengmao Tools exhibit our full production line. Including air nipper, air terminal crimper, spring balancer, tool balancer, hose balancer and spindle type, xy table and hand-held automatic screw feeders for screw assembly solution.

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31Aug 2011
2011 Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition

In Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition 2011 , Chengmao Tools exhibit our full production line. Including air nipper for wire cutting, plastic ejection cutting, air terminal crimper for copper tube, pex ring crimping, spring balancer for pneumatic tool, tool balancer, hose balancer and automatic screw feeder for mini screw for 1.5mm.

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22Jul 2011
2011 New Taipei City Industrial Automation Exhibition

In New Taipei City Industrial Automation Exhibition 2011, Chengmao Tools exhibit our full production line. Including air nipper, air terminal crimper, spring balancer, tool balancer for heavy air tools, spot welding gun, hose balancer for air impact wrench and automatic screw feeder for fasten screw in automation line.

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23Jun 2011
2011 Kaoshung Industrial Automation Exhibition

In Kaoshung Industrial Automation Exhibition 2011, Chengmao Tools exhibit our full production line. Including air nipper, air terminal crimper, spring balancer, tool balancer, hose balancer and portable hand-held automatic screw feeder.

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