2018 Taipei International Cycle Show

2018 Taipei International Bicycle Show


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Chengmao 2018 Taipei International Cycle Show Introduction

Chengmao Tools Industrial Co., Ltd. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Hand Tools Industry. Chengmao has been offering our customers high quality Spring Balancer, Air Nipper, Tool Balancer, Air Terminal Crimper, Hose Balancer, Automatic Screw Feeder, Torque Reaction Arm, Linear Arm, Tool Supporting Arm, Fasten Stroke Cylinder Equipment and Automatic Screw Feeding Machine since 1977. With both advanced technology and 46 years experience, Chengmao always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

2018 Taipei International Cycle Show

2018/10/31 Chengmao
2018 Taipei International Bicycle Show
2018 Taipei International Bicycle Show

In the 2018 Taipei Bicycle Show, Chengmao exhibited the patented products with the labor-saving tools as the main axis: desktop mechanical automatic locking screw machine, torsion arm frame, copper head handing machine (track type) and other patented products. !
The desktop type robot automatic automatic locking screw machine is based on the set coordinates. The machine automatically completes the product lock payment. According to the fast, stable and convenient design principle, it combines the gas (electric) dynamic screwdriver and the high-tech automatic feeder. High-precision screw clamps to increase screw lock speed and greatly increase production efficiency.
Torque Arms are specially developed for operators on the production line to provide easier handling of electric/pneumatic tightening tools. They are used to eliminate the momentary force generated when the electric/pneumatic screwdriver reaches the preset torque to protect the user. The wrists and shoulders increase productivity and product quality.
The copper head handing machine can eliminate the trouble of traditionally taking the copper head by hand, quickly and stably send the copper head to the front end of the screwdriver, and adopt advanced foreign intelligent control technology, with automatic counting and automatic measurement control start and stop function, increase Production flexibility and convenience. In addition, Chengmao also exhibited a frame placement frame, which is completely labor-saving and time-saving.
With Chengmao's time-saving and labor-saving hand tool patent products, companies will find that the cost has been greatly reduced unconsciously, allowing the company to establish a culture of saving money and improve long-term competitiveness.

Exhibition Details

  • Date: October 31 ~ November 1-3, 2018
  • Time: 9:00 - 18:00
  • Exhibition Hall: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1