2019 Taipei International Cycle Show

2019 Taipei International Cycle Show


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Chengmao 2019 Taipei International Cycle Show Introduction

Chengmao Tools Industrial Co., Ltd. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Hand Tools Industry. Chengmao has been offering our customers high quality Spring Balancer, Air Nipper, Tool Balancer, Air Terminal Crimper, Hose Balancer, Automatic Screw Feeder, Torque Reaction Arm, Linear Arm, Tool Supporting Arm, Fasten Stroke Cylinder Equipment and Automatic Screw Feeding Machine since 1977. With both advanced technology and 46 years experience, Chengmao always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

2019 Taipei International Cycle Show

2019/03/27 Chengmao
2019 Taipei International Cycle Show
2019 Taipei International Cycle Show

2019 Taipei Cycle Show, Chengmao Tools display production line of small spring balancer with the tools, bicycle wheel lacing machine, automatic screw fastening machine for bike pedal, etc.

For the production line, how to place tool to allows field personnel to get the tools readily available. It is also due to the emphasis on efficiency requirements on fast work environment, which is a very important aspect!

Chengmao Tools demonstrate SEALS tool balancer which is designed primarily for tool weight reduction for workers and freely accessible without any restrictions or fatigue.

When tool balancer is adjusted to the lifting force equivalent to the tool weight, the spring will offset the weight of the tool itself. So that, the tool becomes effortless access, reducing the fatigue of the workers, the labor productivity improved.

Another product is automatic wheel lacing machine for bicycle wheel. SEALS CM-A1 save much time without grabbing nipple material by hand and insert it into spoke.
SEALS CM-A1 deliver the nipple to the clamp of screwdriver rapidly and steadily by air blow. The operator just push a little and the assembly work easily complete.

Or, also with SELAS wheel rim stand, it could adjust shelves to fit different sized of rim. SEALS CM-T2 provide two disks for small and normal rim size for holding the spoke when assembly. Meanwhile, it could adjust arm position for different dimensions of the wheel rim. The stand height can also be adjusted be a perfect ergonomic operation.

In the other side, a desk top robot type automatic screw fastening machine for bike pedal was exhibited on the exhibition hall. This is a time-saving and labor-saving automatic machine for fastening pedal pins into pedals. It is designed according to the principle of fast, stable and convenient. In combination with x y table, automatic screw feeder and high-precision torque control electric screwdriver. So, it can change working memory module in one minute through the control panel. SEALS CM-TABLE is suitable for the production of a small amount of diversity to allow customers to achieve smooth stable operation, enhance production efficiency.

Provide advanced automatic screw fastening solution for the production line is Chengmao Tools goal.

The following is a schematic diagram of Chengmao at the exhibition.

Chengmao Cycle Show  Diagram

For information on the exhibition, please refer to the following website!!

【2019 Taipei International Bicycle Show" Exhibition Information】

Exhibition Details

  • Date: 27-30 March, 2019
  • Venues: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center
  • Booth No. :  Q0301a