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Motorcycle outer panel


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Motorcycle outer panel Application

Motorcycle outer panel
Motorcycle outer panel

【Case question】

Screws are used to fix the joints between the locomotive exterior panel and the board. The screw strength is different. It is easy to have a gap and incorrectly lock it to cause a floating lock. It is very difficult and time-consuming for personnel to use manual locking screws.


1. Sealed automatic locking screw machine adopts torque control screwdriver to strengthen the quality of customer product locking.
2. The provides faster operating speed up to 20~30 screws per minute.
3. Automatic feeding, omitting screw taking and moving actions

Processing methods Manual work Automatic Screw Feeder
Time efficiency Grabbing/moving/aligning takes a long time It provides faster operating speed up to 20~30 screws per minute
Product quality Poor locking, quality cannot be guaranteed Even torque, no gap in lock
Human resources Need a lot of manual participation to complete High efficiency, one device replaces multiple manpower
Future development Increasing manpower = increasing costs, which will not be considered by the company Completely replace manual operations and quickly recover costs


Seals Automatic Screw Feeder Characteristic

Hand held

  • Strong versatility, flexible operation, suitable for variable-point operations.
  • It is equipped with Spring Balancer to provide load free operation experience.
  • Automatic feeding to completely save the screw picking and moving action.
  • The torque-controlled screwdriver is used to improve the fastening quality for the customer.
  • Simple structure and easy maintenance.

Two Outlets

  • One feeder supply screws for two screwdriver sets independently.
  • Speed up to 45 pieses of screws per minute/ per screwdriver set.(Total 90 pcs/min./one machine)
  • Simple structure and easy maintenance.

Robot Type Automatic Screw Driving Machine

  • Thread-slipping detection and warning functions are included.
  • Short supply detection and warning functions are included.
  • It can be used to support varied height fastening.
  • Different working memory modules can be changed in one minute with Control Panel, which is suitable for small-quantity diversified production.
  • It can use remote teaching MDI to write programs;or use the computer for online operation.
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    Automatic Screw Feeder with telescope screwdriver set

    SEALS Automatic Screw Feeder, CM-30, could keep the low noise and less scratch of screw surface in material hopper due to its up-and-down pushing board design. With Fiber Optic control, it also reduce noisy and saving power while it is full in chute. By the air blow feeding system, you can get the next screw within 0.5 second in jaw before you move to the next fasten position. No need to pick screw, no need to put screw into drive bit and prevent rust due to hand sweating. Meanwhile, the telescope type screwdriver set deliver the downward force into the sleeve of screw. It is quite essential for self tapping screw and wood screw. For automation integration, the screw feeder can be control to air blowing one screw by giving a dry contact. And, the screwdriver also can be installed into a cylinder for fastening stroke action in fully automation assembly line.

  • Automatic Screw Feeder with Lever-Activating screwdriver set - Automatic Screw Feeder with Lever-Activating screwdriver set(Model:CM-30T)(Volumn:M3 x 15 2000 pcs)(Capacity:30 pcs/min)
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    SEALS CM-30T Automatic Screw Feeder adopt ergonomic design of screwdriver set. The operator only need to simply trigger the lever of driver and the bit will push downward and fasten screw automatically. SEALS CM-30T reduces the downward press stroke of operator to enhance the productivity and reduce fatige . Meanwhile, the jaw will not press the surface of work-piece hardly so that it could also protect the coating of products. For automation purpose, SEALS automatic screw feeder also could be integrated into automation machine such as XY Table, SCARA robot, 6 axis ROBOT and any customized auto assembly machine, etc. And, its automation version also can provide relevant signals and receive control signal for communicate with major control system.

  • Vibration Bowl Type Automatic Screw Feeder - Vibration Bowl Type Automatic Screw Feeder(Model:CM-501)(Volumn:M3 x 15 2000 pcs)(Capacity:50 pcs/min)
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    SEALS CM-501 Vibration bowl type automatic screw feeder could speed up to 50 pieces per minute. And, it could design for screw from M1.0 to M8 and screw length up to 30 mm. It is easy to maintenance due to its simple structure. Due to the tank, it could load more screw than sword type automatic screw feeder.

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    SEALS XY Table automatic screw feeder reduce manpower in screw fastening process. SEALS CM-TABLE screw feeder also could let screw fastening be programmable, data collectable, default detecting to improve assembly quality by system and to enhance the stability without effecting by person. Due to different application, we would adopt belt driven with step motor or ball screw driven with servo motor.

  • Torque Linear Arm ( 298mm horizontal Stroke) - Torque Linear Arm ( 594mm horizontal Stroke)(Model:TA-600)
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    Seals TA-300 Torque Linear Arm provide a 300mm linear motion working radius. With high ranking fine finished steel rod and linear motion ball bearing, TA-300 provides load free experience in horizontal action. Meanwhile, it also have a standard vertical 218mm stroke distance.