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Chengmao Tools Industrial Co., Ltd., since 1977, is a Torque Reaction Arm Control BOX supplier based in Taiwan.

ISO-9001:2015, CE certified, award-winning and patented design assembly machines and tools including automatic screw feeder machines, automatic wheel lacing machines, spring balancers, air hose balancers, air nippers & crimpers, torque reaction arms, etc.

Chengmao has been supplying assembly machines and tools to worldwide customers, both with the advanced technology and 46 years of experience, Chengmao ensures each customer's needs are met.

Torque Reaction Arm Control BOX


Seals CL-A2 Mainly control the screw locking order, Each screw has torque to reach,


touch screen / electric control screen

CL-A2Torque Reaction Arm Control BOX matchTRPC series Position Control Torque Reaction Arm,maintain the original Torque Reaction Arm In addition to the advantages of labor-saving functions, The function is greatly improved!Monitoring lock screw,Stable quality。

through the production line Key User setting data,Set according to needs Screw Hole Position and Lock the screws in order,The operator operates according to the screen display, Significantly reduce errors caused by unfamiliar operations,Effectively regulate product yield and quality.


1.Control system master(electric/servo)Start switch for screwdriver, Only lock screw operations that comply with the rules are open, to allow operators to work, The rest are all locked and cannot be started.

2.The control system provides:User, supervisor, administrator three kinds of authority, to assist on-site operations, bug report, Exception review, batch quantity…etc management monitoring.

3.It can ensure that personnel can perform screw locking operations according to instructions, rather than relying solely on the desktop, personnel requirements.

4.Can integrate various brands of electric screwdrivers with relevant and suitable signals, ervo screwdriver.

5.Store 30 groups of product points, Each group of products can be defined 32 hole lock order.

6.Support workpiece positioning and start SENSOR.

7.Provides 5 positioning tolerance classes.


  • Electric / servo driver set.
  • Servo signal motor.
  • Torque Reaction Arm.


(TRPC系列)Position Control Torque Reaction Arm。 (TA-C)C Shaped Table Clamps。
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