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Chengmao Tools Industrial Co., Ltd., since 1977, is a Vibration Bowl Type Automatic Screw Feeder supplier based in Taiwan.

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Vibration Bowl Type Automatic Screw Feeder


SEALS CM-501 Vibration bowl type automatic screw feeder could speed up to 50 pieces per minute. And, it could design for screw from M1.0 to M8 and screw length up to 30 mm. It is easy to maintenance due to its simple structure. Due to the tank, it could load more screw than sword type automatic screw feeder.


Automatic Screw Fastening Machine / Vibration Type


1. Remarkable Operation Efficiency Improvement
Just like an ordinary screwdriver, the automatically screw is operated with only one hand, and achieves an operating speed of 60 screws per minute. It saves you the effort of picking up, moving and positioning the screws.

2. Wider Capacity Range
By adopting the vibration bowl equipment, the screw length capacity could be up to 30mm for M2.3 ~ M8 screw.

3. Simple Structure and easy maintained.
The screw escapement is only combined by four parts. Its simple structure drives the reliable operation and easy maintainer.

4. Reinforced Screw Locking Quality
The Pneumatic/Electric torque-controlled screwdriver of the famed brand in Japan is used. Furthermore, the applicable pneumatic/Electric torque screwdriver will be used according to the customer's work piece locking torque requirements to achieve consistent locking quality.

5. Customization and Stability
The stability of screw conveyance and the locking will be remarkably enhanced for the custom-made screws.


  • Voltage: 220V, Single Phase
  • Air Pressure: 5.5kg / cm² (=0.54MPa)
  • L / W / H: 43 / 39 / 38 cm
  • Net Weight / Gross Weight: 50 kg / kg
  • Capacity: 60 pcs/min.
  • Torque: Refer to screwdriver capacity
  • Volume: 1300 c.c.
  • Driver Option : Sumake, Uryu, M&L (Air Screwdriver) or Sumake, Kilews Electric, Delvo (Electric Screwdriver)

Available Screw Chart

Listed below is the typical model of screw sizes that can be accepted for production. (Unit: mm)

(Note) Special specification screws not included in this table also can be used. For details, please contact a serviceperson of this Company.

Pan Head Round Head Flat Head Oval Head Binding Head Truss Head Max. L Dimension (L)
Screw Head Dia. (D) Min. H Dimension (H) Screw Head Dia. (D) Min. H Dimension (H) Screw Head Dia. (D) Min. H Dimension (H) Screw Head Dia. (D) Min. H Dimension (H)
    4.6 8 4.9 8 5.2 9 12
4.5 8 5.0 8 5.3 8 5.7 10 16
5.5 9 6.0 9 6.3 9 6.9 11 20
6.0 9 7.0 10 7.3 10 8.1 12 22
7.0 10 8.0 11 8.3 11 9.4 13 22
8.0 11 9.0 12 9.3 12 10.6 14 22
9.0 12 10.0 13 10.3 13 11.8 15 22
10.5 13              

Screwdriver Optional

The selection of suitable screwdrivers is a great concern for the quality of the work. In this respect, we select Sumake, URYU Pneumatic Screwdriver and Sumake, Nitto Kohki Delvo Electric Screwdriver as driver options for your choice. Please contact us for the detailed specification of screwdriver.

(Note) The torque values listed in the specification table are provided by Japan's and Taiwan screwdriver manufacturer, which represents the values measured with the Torque Tester under the simplest conditions. During physical locking, the torque values measured will vary according to the utilization conditions.

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